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Recommended Prep For 18+

We offer Private Driving Lessons to help equip you with the driving skills and knowledge to pass your driving exam.

Recommended Prep For Teens (15-16)

Driving Exams

We have a proven track record, having helped countless numbers of people prepare for and pass the state required exams.

Teen Drivers Ed program is designed to meet all state requirements and to ensure you are ready for your written and driving exams.

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Driving & Written Exams

If you're ready for your exams, we offer both the Knowledge (Written) and Skills (Driving) Exams daily, 7 days a week!

Exam Options*

IMPORTANT: You must pass the Washington State written exam before you can take the driving exam.

Written Test


Free Second Attempt!

Driving Exam*


Our Car

Combo Packages*

Valid Permit Required

For a 30 minute warmup/refresher drive before your driving exam, book our LESSON + EXAM combo.

Lesson + Exam

Our Car

30 Min. Driving Lesson

Driving Exam


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