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Private Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons crafted for you.

We offer private, 1 on 1, driving lessons that are specifically crafted around the driving skills that you want to work on to help you gain confidence on the road.

Private Lessons are great for adults (18 or older) who are preparing for their driving exam, or adults who want a refresher on specific driving skills.

Teens who are looking for a little more support and experience after the Drivers Ed program are also welcome to hone their skills.

Similarly, Private Lessons are great for anyone who has failed a driving exam, and has specific areas they want to improve in before retaking the exam.


Valid Permit Required




Customized instruction based on your objective




Customized instruction based on your objective

Cover multiple teaching points and skills

Our driving lessons are available for anyone that wants help with...

Preparing for their driving exam


Getting a refresher on specific driving skills that they may not feel confident in, even if they already possess a driving license.


We offer 30 minute and 60 minute lessons to accommodate our students. If you have a single skill to focus on, 30 minutes will probably do the trick. If you have several areas you want coaching, then a 60 minute or multiple 60-minute lessons gives our instructors time to carefully coach you through a number of different driving skills.


We offer private driving lessons any time that our instructors are available, whether our offices are officially opened or not. This means we have times 7 days a week from morning to night to make it as convenient as possible for you!

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